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    Explain how to automate the boot process


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@@ -290,3 +290,23 @@ check your setup or ask your instructor for details.
 If the kernel fails to mount the NFS filesystem, look carefully at the
 error messages in the console. If this doesn't give any clue, you can
 also have a look at the NFS server logs in \code{/var/log/syslog}.
+\section{Automate the boot process}
+To avoid typing the same U-boot commands over and over again each time
+you power on or reset your board, here's a way to automatically call the
+above commands at boot time:
+setenv bootcmd 'tftp 0x21000000 uImage; bootm 0x21000000'
+\code{bootcmd} will automatically be run after the U-boot timeout
+expires. Don't hesitate to change it according to your exact needs.
+We could also copy the \code{uImage} file to NAND flash and avoid
+downloading it over and over again. However, handling NAND flash is
+outside of the scope of this course. See our
+Linux system development course} and its on-line materials for details.

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