[FE training-materials-updates] kernel-ng's head updated: agenda/kernel: rework the agenda according to our discussions (372f350)

Thomas Petazzoni thomas.petazzoni at free-electrons.com
Tue Aug 27 15:02:06 CEST 2013

Repository : git://git.free-electrons.com/training-materials.git

Branch 'kernel-ng' now includes:

     348a5c0 Add patch needed for X-loader on the latest DevKit we received
     ba6f6eb Karim's book now released
     ed20eb7 Adapt the slides to the fact that we know use U-Boot as MLO
     9b899c0 Misc other bootloader related updates
     bf8fd0d Update instructions to use U-Boot only
     d5b8eee Remove useless patches
     fb4ebfc The sysdev/u-boot directory no longer exists in felabs.tar.bz2
     f5b6f2a Update the kernel instructions
     8aa0303 Small improvements to application development slides
     cac659f toolchain: update to crosstool-ng 1.18.0
     66cf3f9 tinysystem: bump to busybox 1.21
     832034a Disable lockdep in the kernel configuration
     6271be6 flash filesystems: adapt to new NAND layout
     c555913 buildroot: update lab to 2013.02
     40dac8d real-time: bump components
     640180d sysdev-embedded-linux: remove HAL
     11c2a41 sysdev-embedded-linux: slightly improve explanation about gstreamer
     2c2c910 sysdev-embedded-linux: reduce section about existing components
     cb45802 Remove slides about Dillo/Firefox
     7ec3569 Update a few Buildroot-related details
     0868970 Fix more Buildroot details, mention Yocto
     e67491d Sysdev: U-boot: update loading message
     c737569 Sysdev: U-boot: Add more information to choose the accurate config
     06eb3af Sysdev: U-boot: The type of the NAND depends on the board revision
     1f52682 Sysdev: buildroot-lab: Specify that we want the little endian flavor of ARM
     bc7decc Add patch needed to make Buildroot behave properly
     80187fd Move references at the end of the training + add more
     8d6668c Revert an invalid change made to the Makefile
     c3855cf sysdev-u-boot: minor style fixes
     3d69c51 sysdev-buildroot: instruct people to apply the patch on Buildroot
     c778c5b Sysdev: realtime-lab: instruct people to also apply the patch on Buildroot from buildroot lab
     09ff6ec Sysdev: realtime-lab: Use CodeBench toolchain instead of Linaro With Linaro toolchain we get a lot of software exception under stress
     f930e3e Kernel labs: remove unused openocd.cfg file
     611198d Update path to Linux error codes
     5b9f384 Kernel debugging: clarify instructions
     f4daed6 Kernel resources: link to more toolchain details
     292653e Update powertop URL and remove lesswatts.org
     8e1904f Update cgit URL
     7d83241 Kernel source code: update git tree URL
     b44bc9b Fixed board name for the Nand variant of IGEP
     73f023f Sysdev: U-boot: don't use sudo anymore with picocom
     9cff9d9 labs/sysdev-u-boot: Fix typo
     fddbd33 Kernel debugging: fix kerneltrap link
     137cc26 Minor font size file
     28d699d Kernel memory: update kmemcheck status
     8c9465d Kernel IO memory: update STRICT_DEVMEM status
     3339328 Module parameters: types checked at run time
     6b5c87e Add a new version of mlbini.c, able to take user input
     4fb891f Kernel debugging: remove kernel markers, LLTng...
     de4b383 pr_* and dev_* function: clarify pr_debug and dev_dbg
     f53ac8a Android: pmem is obsolete
     dd70d67 Add missing space in sysfs files list
     44fc328 Convert agenda to latex
     23cfbf8 kernel-ng: improve layout of the first page
     9644884 Integrate kernel agenda to the build system
     c1ae2b9 Makefile: replace tabs with spaces to fix alignment
     b3d0676 "mainstream" -> "mainline"
     4d3e2d5 Kernel agenda: use a link to our trainers page
     20c9ef7 Realtime lab: add instructions for 64 bit systems
     8a9a266 Minor font fix
     87c15dd Replace check_patch.pl by checkpatch.pl
     5b93f07 Replace <user> by $USER when possible
     7d0e59c Update kernel agenda
     7180a72 Kernel agenda: fix breakage
     91adb22 Update PC requirements
     c8e9121 Minor syntax fix in kernel agenda
     644a674 No more emulated machines in kernel labs
     c63f450 Add lab-data
     013c84d boottime labs: move patch files to subdirs
     3c99785 Remove duplicate patch
     e0cff1d Shorten the "about us" slides
     87cdb81 sysdev-toolchains-c-libraries: Update binaries size
     0480a72 Clarify a bit the usage of the mlbin application
     91a932d kernel-agenda: misc formatting improvements
     6d78699 Vertically align the content of cells
     72e80e6 More padding within cells
     ef0529f Makefile: add support to look for pictures in agenda/
     8bbc72b agenda/kernel: the hardware used is now the BeagleBoneBlack
     2370304 agenda/kernel: fix lab title mistake
     b0b937d agenda/kernel: general details about the labss
     372f350 agenda/kernel: rework the agenda according to our discussions

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