[FE training-materials-updates] jelly-bean's head updated: Update the system customization instructions (76374a8)

Maxime Ripard maxime.ripard at free-electrons.com
Fri Aug 30 16:47:08 CEST 2013

Repository : git://git.free-electrons.com/training-materials.git

Branch 'jelly-bean' now includes:

     fc4518d android: source: Reference elinux source code description
     fa316f2 android: Use the same repo tree for both AOSP and Linaro downloads
     dbf9a3e android: use -c option for repo sync
     8f6512d labs: android: Fix DummyBackend missing returns
     08d412e slides: android: Remove duplicated xsltproc package
     a8ecb6f slides: android: Mention LOCAL_REQUIRED_MODULES
     5a28861 slides: android: Fix make modules explanatios
     156c4e6 android: slides: Add the stack diagram when relevant
     e515999 android: binder: only system services can access the servicemanager
     e6f372b sysdev: rootfs: Mention the initramfs init case
     e312f9a android: Add the location of the modules
     06b6c4f IGEPv2: add link to technical documentation
     3f0f4d4 fix typo on hardrive name
     5c3e474 android: Add a section about ION
     9b89ddf android: Add slides about mainline status of the Android patches
     7472bba android: Clarify a bit envsetup behaviour
     0089ca7 android: Add envsetup macros introduced with JB
     c230ae5 android: Fix output directory of the modules
     8119a66 android: Remove the reference to the crespo BoardConfig
     5d91bfb android: Update the init.rc behaviour with JB
     d56ceb8 android: Update toolbox commands list with JB
     5e227bc android: Mention that toolbox doesn't provide a shell
     e8d4f1a android: Drop the mention of PixelFlinger and update to Jelly Bean
     5fd8825 android: Update the HAL to Jelly Bean
     1236cf7 android: Update Stagefright behaviour with JB
     6d6bf56 android: framework: Update services boot with JB
     430fbac Change the AOSP branch we want to fetch
     2102520 Mention CMA and dma-buf in the ION slides
     4adb91f Update package installation instructions
     d9cc933 Remove the patches for ubuntu versions, and updated the intstructions
     d335ad1 Update the toolchain and product name
     8c16ab9 Update the new board labs with new rowboat instructions
     f30a0e8 Update the ADB lab
     d6efb82 Update the libusb lab
     8b090bc Update the Native App instructions
     76374a8 Update the system customization instructions

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