[FE training-materials-updates] kernel-ng's head updated: Merge branch 'master' into kernel-ng (afa9da3)

Michael Opdenacker michael.opdenacker at free-electrons.com
Wed Sep 18 21:51:14 CEST 2013

Repository : git://git.free-electrons.com/training-materials.git

Branch 'kernel-ng' now includes:

     ad57559 Add files for the boottime workshop
     6795788 webkit: fix incorrect link
     e134ae8 boot time - install packages: add missing #!/bin/sh
     f60a1a8 About us: add link to our LXR service
     b3422de boottime: update Barebox config patches
     04154bd boottime: barebox fast config: add back lpj param
     62bf64a Fix the output directory of Android
     61bab56 Fix the Android cleanup slides
     fc4518d android: source: Reference elinux source code description
     fa316f2 android: Use the same repo tree for both AOSP and Linaro downloads
     dbf9a3e android: use -c option for repo sync
     8f6512d labs: android: Fix DummyBackend missing returns
     08d412e slides: android: Remove duplicated xsltproc package
     a8ecb6f slides: android: Mention LOCAL_REQUIRED_MODULES
     5a28861 slides: android: Fix make modules explanatios
     156c4e6 android: slides: Add the stack diagram when relevant
     e515999 android: binder: only system services can access the servicemanager
     e6f372b sysdev: rootfs: Mention the initramfs init case
     e312f9a android: Add the location of the modules
     06b6c4f IGEPv2: add link to technical documentation
     3f0f4d4 fix typo on hardrive name
     f55456e sysdev-linux-intro-sources: update kernel size figures to 3.10
     26700d5 sysdev-linux-intro-sources: update tarballs and patches example to 3.9/3.10
     ae94b8b block-filesystems-lab: fix warning /dev/sda warning
     046025c Android course: add Alexandre Belloni as author
     7151e54 sysdev-busybox: remove 'Practical lab' from lab slide title
     ff72d16 sysdev-linux-intro-configuration: fix typo
     f1b1ade sysdev-tinysystem: mem=20M should be inside a \code{}
     9ef5fc9 sysdev-block-filesystem: clarify explanation about kernel tree
     bbc96af Remove broken and quite obsolete Yagarto link
     dcd2d6b pm lab: fix broken powertop link
     debdee0 Fix issue in lab header
     5a8228b Let every session have its own lab archives
     1d96f34 unify the slide introducing the setup lab
     c444d6b sysdev-embedded-linux: fix size of Gtk diagram
     d4272ea sysdev-embedded-linux: fix font size of BR example to make it fit
     d4fbdcb sysdev-flash-filesystem: directory is named 'upload', not 'uploads'
     afa9da3 Merge branch 'master' into kernel-ng

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