[FE training-materials-updates] jelly-bean's head updated: Rowboat uses Jelly Bean 4.2.2 for now (6a1cbec)

Maxime Ripard maxime.ripard at free-electrons.com
Tue Oct 29 11:37:09 CET 2013

Repository : git://git.free-electrons.com/training-materials.git

Branch 'jelly-bean' now includes:

     ef0529f Makefile: add support to look for pictures in agenda/
     8bbc72b agenda/kernel: the hardware used is now the BeagleBoneBlack
     2370304 agenda/kernel: fix lab title mistake
     b0b937d agenda/kernel: general details about the labss
     372f350 agenda/kernel: rework the agenda according to our discussions
     ccca3fa agenda/kernel: missing BeagleBoneBlack picture
     abd3956 kernel: use a BeagleBoneBlack slide instead of a Calao board slide
     e3bde5f Makefile: add a warning when building a single chapter that can't be built
     b772a08 Makefile: add a comment explaining why we're doing a filter on the slide list
     1142a42 kernel: re-organize training session
     bcae3a3 kernel: add a different chapter for kernel sources
     f55456e sysdev-linux-intro-sources: update kernel size figures to 3.10
     26700d5 sysdev-linux-intro-sources: update tarballs and patches example to 3.9/3.10
     ae94b8b block-filesystems-lab: fix warning /dev/sda warning
     eae15c8 kernel: split chapter on "kernel architecture for device drivers" in two chapters
     046025c Android course: add Alexandre Belloni as author
     3feb1b2 Git is now mentionned earlier
     45e2fff kernel-source-code-layout: mention the location of the DT directory
     fe222fd sysdev-linux-intro-features: add two new slides
     5b7d2c1 sysdev-linux-intro-compilation: mention DTBs as things being built
     c1a8ca9 Details on how to boot with the Device Tree
     f30e5bc Add a TODO list for the labs
     ec091fe Remove the slide "How To Create Kernel Patches"
     7bcd514 Small update to the labs TODO list
     c33214a Start to talk about the DT in the Device Model section
     0917a62 More Device Tree contents
     7151e54 sysdev-busybox: remove 'Practical lab' from lab slide title
     ff72d16 sysdev-linux-intro-configuration: fix typo
     f1b1ade sysdev-tinysystem: mem=20M should be inside a \code{}
     9ef5fc9 sysdev-block-filesystem: clarify explanation about kernel tree
     bbc96af Remove broken and quite obsolete Yagarto link
     dcd2d6b pm lab: fix broken powertop link
     debdee0 Fix issue in lab header
     5a8228b Let every session have its own lab archives
     1d96f34 unify the slide introducing the setup lab
     c444d6b sysdev-embedded-linux: fix size of Gtk diagram
     d4272ea sysdev-embedded-linux: fix font size of BR example to make it fit
     d4fbdcb sysdev-flash-filesystem: directory is named 'upload', not 'uploads'
     afa9da3 Merge branch 'master' into kernel-ng
     29ac9ef kernel sources lab: only use git
     6270b50 linux-versioning: improve, update and reorder
     06cd3d3 Split kernel source code lab
     4902679 kernel labs: use a shared src directory for sources
     65a269e kernel sources downloads: fetch stable branch
     d19089e kernel module environment: update working dir
     d340c87 Kernel module environment lab: port to BB Black
     52cd0ae labs: minor font size fix
     21f5264 kernel sources download lab: set directory
     59df7bd kernel sources: work on Linux stable 3.11.y
     692ce64 add DT patch for BeagleBone Black
     a18a52d kernel boot lab improvements and fixes
     52e944e kernel labs: add U-boot files for BBB
     dc04b88 kernel: adapt default u-boot configuration for our labs
     584d1dc Update BBB DT patch
     3a37130 Split and fix the kernel module environment lab
     de05862 kernel: module lab: update rootfs
     4952bfe kernel: bump up supported kernel version
     bfdb2a5 kernel: add reference to Beaglebone Black details
     4cdb864 kernel: correct name of "boot switch" button
     c41db7c kernel: add link to the System Reference Manual
     496a238 kernel labs: simplify MMC boot instructions
     78a158e kernel: device model lab - Initial file
     9168a17 Kernel labs: more placeholder files for future labs
     0f5e4de Beginning of the I2C section
     3b5c54f More I2C stuff
     dd22250 Complete the I2C section
     29e6784 kernel-device-model: fix "Device Tree binding" slide
     67f4eb0 Progress on pinmux
     e1f243a Complete pinmux part
     0be6497 Fix up the too long title
     1d04cf2 Improve the OMAP pinmux example
     00893a0 More stuff about the misc subsystem
     9850bb4 Some details about the userspace API of misc devices
     26a0192 kernel-device-model: misc improvements
     2e7587a kernel-device-model: remove part about SPI
     35f84d7 kernel-misc-subsystem: forgot to git add a diagram
     2c3be0e kernel-device-model: more improvements
     a5a00e4 kernel-agenda: we no longer teach how to generate patches
     c535c11 device model: add apparently forgotten "not"
     d7b7051 kernel: minor i2c slides fixes
     714e03e kernel: instruct to download the BBB SRM
     abde80a kernel: improve standalone Makefile
     db73ee8 kernel: move i2c lab
     ca5121e Introduce kfunc and ksymc LaTeX macros
     cb9961c fe theme: add routines for kernel symbols and files
     3138fc6 kernel: misc i2c slide improvements
     dd6463d kernel: move away legacy labs
     4417adf kernel: i2c lab - backup commit
     6b64649 kernel: i2c - punctuation fix
     133669c kernel: instruct to download the SoC TRM too
     b4ef039 kernel: i2c device model lab
     d6f46ca kernel sources lab: configure git (email, name)
     4f0a8fe kernel labs: update nfs root for the nunchuk lab
     6970119 kernel slides: rework chapter hierarchy
     ccecda9 kernel: i2c - fix lab description
     7ed0447 kernel - device model lab - add sysfs exploration
     6fc821e kernel i2c communication lab: pin muxing paragraph
     105c7ce Misc improvements to interrupt management slides
     088a323 Remove the SystemTap slides
     a81d21f debugging: add a diagram to explain openocd
     7c807c1 kernel labs: update root filesystem
     6946ff0 kernel-frameworks: wrap text
     2268bd9 Improve kernel frameworks to introduce character drivers
     23ef2a4 kernel labs: add i2c communication lab
     6647d07 kernel-input: Wrote the first slides
     4d7aee1 kernel-input: Added more slides on the kernel part
     c4d4f9e kernel - minor input slide updates
     3d5a43d kernel-input: fix typo that prevents compilation
     e77c663 porting: start new slides
     cd047fc kernel-input: misc improvements
     5b33c74 Improve block environments
     ca59fc0 kernel-input: add slide about userspace interface + misc improvements
     d2860fc kernel-porting: complete description of the OpenBlocks AX3-4 board support
     77b3636 kernel: i2c lab - connector pictures and diagram
     725f221 Details about SoC support
     11a3efc Add missing picture
     01dc8de Add development process/contribution slides
     da46300 kernel: fix build, reorganize versioning slides
     e9c6f98 kernel: remove an useless subsection title
     21d0015 Use \section instead of \subsection everywhere
     b14fadc kernel-debugging: promote to a section
     9b6f10f kernel: add subsection in very large chapters
     79d49ce kernel: remove dead code
     17e436d Add more \begin{block}...\end{block} to make things nicer
     9b087ec Name TI as the OMAP vendor for consistency
     0c64b54 lib32z-dev is now named lib32z1-dev
     0dd67d6 kernel: move the memory management slides later
     6f2a164 Reorganize agenda
     264b49a kernel - i2c input lab - backup commit
     0d13cf7 kernel: i2c lab - syntax fix
     9af73a4 android: KEY_EXIT: Reword to avoid confusion
     4f9f1c3 kernel: input slides - clarify explanation
     b6a98ac android: clarify conditions for adb root
     ad06939 kernel: complete i2c lab with input interface
     43b4fa2 fix typo
     2f384c2 kernel: Some frameworks aren't meant to be used by the userspace
     3bde9f2 Add a small slide to talk about how the resources are filled by the kernel
     96ed13c Most of the ARM SoCs nowadays have support for hard float
     581b7c8 Remove the allnoconfig slide. It's useless on ARM
     8804f27 Update i2c communication lab
     03da969 Remove power management lab
     d29a7bf kernel: remove serial framework lab
     b54be00 kernel: move kernel contribution workflow
     19101fc kernel: add backup slides section
     dc49746 kernel: migrate serial labs to OMAP
     3babab4 kernel: serial lab: backup commit
     1a39940 toolchain lab: native gdb workaround for ct-ng 1.18.0
     7c18caa kernel: update bootloader for bone black
     ff5f99e kernel labs: use U-Boot saveenv command
     bedf189 kernel labs: switch to a common nfsroot directory
     4a0e269 kernel labs: one nfsroot for all
     3ee5f68 kernel labs: update the simple module lab
     a05c0f1 kernel labs: add git command explanations
     0132fa6 kernel labs: adapt kernel debugging lab
     2edae6f kernel slides: remove CALAO board slide
     e7c14c5 Remove empty section
     2f405a8 PAE uses 40-bits addresses, not bigger pages
     9d365b9 Android is a distribution, not the input stack
     b07f189 kernel lab data: update feserial.c code skeleton
     40259d6 kernel serial lab - backup commit
     8853506 kernel labs: fix typo
     86728ff kernel labs: mention "git status"
     2797862 kernel: update ioremap() and iounmap() prototypes
     a7e9a1c kernel serial lab: mostly complete
     2610690 kernel: Remove advice about env setup script
     9c03554 kernel: The nunchuk spec says that it's running at 100kHz
     63c21b3 kernel: Add some i2c1 pin muxing testing
     a009a59 kernel labs: clarify serial pin connecting instructions
     7451bae Fix typo
     6de8cfe Remove other occurences to env.sh
     2d48412 kernel labs: serial iomem ready
     1489b07 kernel serial iomem lab - fix indenting and comment
     8a58db2 kernel serial iomem lab: minor improvement
     f7fd7d9 kernel serial iomem lab: fix description
     ec784df kernel labs: serial output - first updates
     4dad0b6 Merge branch 'kernel-ng'
     92bf001 kernel: misc slides - minor grammar fixes
     3222789 kernel labs: serial output - backup commit
     08ab9d4 kernel labs: temporarily hide incomplete labs
     8468d49 kernel labs: add details about MMC saveenv
     5aba5c2 sysdev-real-time: slightly reword wording when enabling high-res timers
     e67a122 sysdev-application-debugging: remove strip command that causes confusion
     890ccfa kernel labs: add Thomas' patch to the misc framework
     2e9e654 kernel labs - serial - remove executables
     36ea2bf kernel labs: complete serial-output
     ae44e61 kernel labs: fix git lab - Ready to be used
     cfde7d6 kernel lock lab: update obsolete instructions
     9649847 kernel: serial interrupts - misc updates
     40923c5 labs: kernel: Request the memory region when doing ioremap
     0c22780 labs: kernel: Fix inconsistencies in the length of the registers
     94b2811 labs: kernel: Be a bit more specific about where to put the pm_runtime calls
     2e3e67c kernel labs: serial interrupt lab now ready
     2187299 kernel debugging: remove trivial statement
     f39acd9 Fix misc spelling typos
     6139b57 nunchuk connection diagram: add details
     6a6e794 Add Android to the slides footer
     0927fa1 labs: improve the network conf instructions
     848cc68 sysdev U-boot lab: mention internal SD card readers
     f6a1401 U-boot lab: add details
     689a0c2 U-boot lab: instruct to set ethaddr
     f65dab8 u-boot lab: add directory to work in
     88a1411 Kernel versioning: stop talking a 2.7 branch
     18841f4 kernel patches: use a version scheme compliant with 3.x
     a80eca2 sysdev labs: instruct to create working directories
     d892093 filesystem labs: remove felabs/sysdev/fs
     a921b95 labs/kernel-serial-interrupt: replace tabs by spaces
     934daa9 kernel: Apply only the beaglebone DTB patch
     3287208 kernel: labs: Fix the path to the nunchuk folder
     9aafeb9 kernel: labs: the UART irq is not shared on the BBB
     5cf95e4 kernel: labs: the branch we created before is uart, not serial
     9725abc devtmpfs related changes
     09ceccd Use "upquote" package
     067bdec sysdev labs: don't ask to create /dev/ttyO2
     1cec4cb realtime slides: minor font fix
     94b416c lab-data: Add modinfo and strace to the NFS root for the kernel training
     d5c0226 kernel: device-model: Mention to ignore the pinctrl-related properties for now
     7f80c1f kernel: interrupts: tell that we need to register the interrupt in probe, and not init
     99dc467 kernel: porting: Use the cfa10036 to have a simpler detailed DT example
     9d878aa toolchain lab: remove the disk space information
     dfff33e toolchain lab: remove apt-get clean instructions
     e4f611f Toolchain lab updates
     3dbfd52 mmap kernel slides: fix remap_pfn_range prototype
     f2c1a47 kernel debugging slides: early printk details
     4f6319e PM slides: update to the PM QoS slide
     097c811 kernel nfsroot: rename busybox config file
     163d3cb kernel labs: update rootfs
     98e5b40 u-boot lab update
     14ca88f Setup lab: minor font fix
     0ec08bb sysdev kernel labs: directory creation fix
     14a0482 sysdev: kernel source lab updates
     d46507c u-boot lab: message that confirms MMC booting
     d1341c9 U-boot lab: add working MLO and u-boot.img binaries
     69c8d71 sysdev kernel lab: now boot with device tree
     95bb527 sysdev kernel lab: minor punctuation fix
     56d7a23 Merge branch 'master' into jelly-bean
     6a1cbec Rowboat uses Jelly Bean 4.2.2 for now

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