[FE training-materials-updates] master's head updated: Merge branch 'sysdev-xplained' (92a76cd)

Alexandre Belloni alexandre.belloni at free-electrons.com
Tue Jul 29 17:25:24 CEST 2014

Repository : git://git.free-electrons.com/training-materials.git

Branch 'master' now includes:

     7970165 sysdev: Update u-boot lab for the Xplained
     9883988 sysdev: Fix the MAC address shown
     505a5a2 sysdev: Update the kernel fetch and patch lab
     6736e0f sysdev: Update the kernel compilation lab
     611d5d0 sysdev: Update the tinysystem lab
     2c0cd05 sysdev: Update the block filesystem for the Xplained
     efc2849 sysdev: Update the flash fs lab
     d5e77b8 sysdev: debugging: update tty for the xplained
     0693397 Convert thirdparty lab to building a sound app instead of directfb
     9419ced Convert the buildroot labs to building the alsa apps
     03d4fe5 Switch the xenomai lab to the Xplained now that it works
     3c0b136 sysdev-block-filesystems: we are now using an xplained board
     b6690b3 sysdev-block-filesystems: the third parition is for data
     4e11075 sysdev-toolchain: install missing packages
     bad7a30 sysdev-u-boot: correct board name in sam-ba
     1b10210 sysdev-tinysystem: explicitly use eth0 to avoid auto detection
     f7fac1a sysdev-thirdparty: instruct to build the audio kernel driver
     7ac451f sysdev-thirdparty: few fixes
     5cb2888 sysdev-buildroot: instruct to build vorbis-utils
     29e4a80 sysdev-buildroot: "going further" steps can be done on the board
     d76bc14 sysdev: switch to an EABIhf toolchain
     bdf89e9 sysdev-buildroot: remove useless script
     f8e4865 sysdev-application-development: instruct to build directfb
     e80e6e3 sysdev-application-debugging: switch to sama5d3 Xplained
     84c6f5e sysdev-application-debugging: remove the jobcontrol part
     9ffc8d3 lab-data: Add toolchain sample
     cd9475a sysdev-application-debugging: ltrace is working again
     1e68fb5 lab-data: sysdev: remove useless igep kernel config
     7a060b2 sysdev-real-time: few fixes
     fc5122b sysdev-toolchain: Remove now unneeded patch
     92a76cd Merge branch 'sysdev-xplained'

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