[FE training-materials-updates] marvell-armada's head updated: Update Marvell specific slides (31db29f)

Thomas Petazzoni thomas.petazzoni at free-electrons.com
Tue Jan 27 16:41:47 CET 2015

Repository : git://git.free-electrons.com/training-materials.git

Branch 'marvell-armada' now includes:

     7970165 sysdev: Update u-boot lab for the Xplained
     9883988 sysdev: Fix the MAC address shown
     505a5a2 sysdev: Update the kernel fetch and patch lab
     6736e0f sysdev: Update the kernel compilation lab
     611d5d0 sysdev: Update the tinysystem lab
     2c0cd05 sysdev: Update the block filesystem for the Xplained
     efc2849 sysdev: Update the flash fs lab
     d5e77b8 sysdev: debugging: update tty for the xplained
     0693397 Convert thirdparty lab to building a sound app instead of directfb
     9419ced Convert the buildroot labs to building the alsa apps
     03d4fe5 Switch the xenomai lab to the Xplained now that it works
     3c0b136 sysdev-block-filesystems: we are now using an xplained board
     b6690b3 sysdev-block-filesystems: the third parition is for data
     4e11075 sysdev-toolchain: install missing packages
     bad7a30 sysdev-u-boot: correct board name in sam-ba
     1b10210 sysdev-tinysystem: explicitly use eth0 to avoid auto detection
     f7fac1a sysdev-thirdparty: instruct to build the audio kernel driver
     7ac451f sysdev-thirdparty: few fixes
     5cb2888 sysdev-buildroot: instruct to build vorbis-utils
     29e4a80 sysdev-buildroot: "going further" steps can be done on the board
     d76bc14 sysdev: switch to an EABIhf toolchain
     bdf89e9 sysdev-buildroot: remove useless script
     f8e4865 sysdev-application-development: instruct to build directfb
     e80e6e3 sysdev-application-debugging: switch to sama5d3 Xplained
     84c6f5e sysdev-application-debugging: remove the jobcontrol part
     9ffc8d3 lab-data: Add toolchain sample
     cd9475a sysdev-application-debugging: ltrace is working again
     1e68fb5 lab-data: sysdev: remove useless igep kernel config
     7a060b2 sysdev-real-time: few fixes
     fc5122b sysdev-toolchain: Remove now unneeded patch
     92a76cd Merge branch 'sysdev-xplained'
     6bf97db sysdev appdev: new application, a fantastic adventure game
     2c080e2 Remove trailing whitespaces
     6d472c9 Fix mismerge
     787691f sysdev labs: Fix verbatim size
     6c0e63d sysdev: use buildroot to install debugging tools
     a4e0dfe sysdev-embedded-linux: no longer mention Emdebian
     9303f97 sysdev-flash-filesystem: Add details on how to flash UBI image
     a21d6b9 Misc sysdev lab updates
     4e517e9 Fix UBI slides breakage
     3a860a6 Buildroot lab: minor font fixes
     b925cb9 Final Xplained board updates
     c4437d2 RT slides: remove rtlinuxfree references
     5159ad0 sysdev-root-filesystem-virtual-fs: they are called pseudo fs in the kernel
     0cda160 Fix a few typos
     68a7fec sysdev-bootloaders-u-boot: fix nasty typo
     0cf327d sysdev: we need ia32-libs to run sam-ba
     5949291 sysdev: instruction on how to plug the serial cable
     7ce1a7a sysdev: ethernet setup: fix typo
     d4ab5da sysdev: kernel: fix typos
     3924e0e sysdev-realtime: fix typo
     027b93f sysdev labs: few typos
     6420137 sysdev buildroot lab: remove useless files
     6fa222a sysdev real time: fix typo
     071f518 Kernel slides: update LDD4 estimated release date
     da09bfe sysdev: fix typo in connector name
     b9fc989 sysdev: fix lower case error in section name
     1e68dc4 Bootloader lab: update rescue with bootstrap and U-boot for the Xplained
     02d8e00 sysdev-thirdparty: Add a clean up instruction between x86 and arm build
     5713f6f sysdev-flash-filesystems: Fix offset to erase and ask to write the dtb
     471b47f sysdev-flash-filesystems: Don't write the DTB again
     ddbc246 sysdev-u-boot: Don't use anymore the release candidate of U-Boot
     3c0cfdf Add new make clean target
     6cc7b61 Makefile: add "make all" target
     5665b24 sysdev-u-boot: Download the U-Boot tarball instead of using git
     8b531fa sysdev-thirdparty: Explicitly ask to use speaker-test
     62d1aec sysdev-buildroot: Fix the path to the tarball of the rootfs
     f76ef56 sysdev-application-debugging: Amend the buildroot package for ltrace
     0e11223 sysdev-application-debugging: Give a workaround to use gdbserver
     5d0cd54 sysdev-real-time: Fix commit sha
     db2c670 realtime: Add the ipipe patch
     e5b96f8 sysdev-real-time: use a patch for ipipe instead of the git repository
     a1ecdf3 debugging: timeout isn't the only error you might get from gdb
     cb7bee1 buildroot: Ask for a specific gtypist version
     4136800 thirdparty: Fix installation pathes
     23b6bdf buildroot: serie is actually series
     08e1645 Add ODF documents
     b2f0923 Mementos: update source and update URLs
     422b6e2 Lab archive name fixes
     5120d24 C libraries: update eglibc
     84d66e4 gen-lab-archive: fix variable definition
     d3b5c8a sysdev: fix PMECC error when writing to a JFFS2 FS
     0cb47cb Revert "sysdev: fix PMECC error when writing to a JFFS2 FS"
     5a0ae8d Lab archive file name updates
     6f72f1c Rename lab data directories
     7ea6249 Rename felabs-<course> to <course-labs>
     d023797 Remove lab archiving lab
     d89ce2a Fix boot time lab directory name too
     435d8ce Add list of supported courses
     f339b03 make clean: also remove .xz files
     b837d65 Convert Embedded Linux agenda from ODF to LaTeX
     6e6a196 Agenda spacing improvements
     ec6e2a6 Agendas: share same board image as slides
     1044b00 sysdev: add fix to u-boot atmel-nand
     59d4539 sysdev: add instructions to patch u-boot
     64fbdf0 French agendas: speak about "sessions inter-entreprises"
     1485f62 sysdev-bootloaders-u-boot: fix a typo
     6335b02 sysdev-bootloaders-u-boot: fix a typo
     03f3a91 Labs: reduce font size for lab archive URL
     ed09c59 sysdev-block-filesystems: xz is not encryption but compression
     a591dc0 sysdev-embedded-linux: fix typo
     d66d05f sysdev-thirdparty: fix improper reference to libpng
     8f34b10 Minor fix in French translation of agenda
     a54b2fe yocto-agenda: add beaglebone black image
     e3e2571 Fix issue in lab update link
     c282e29 Replace /media by /media/$USER
     d2f64a2 Kernel labs: switch to Ubuntu 14.04
     1681374 Yocto agenda spacing improvements
     cace78e Add French agenda for Yocto
     c2576bd Yocto agenda syntax fix
     732eec4 Kernel slides fix: get_user_pages no longer present in kernel doc
     2a40d06 BBB update script supported on RevC too
     40e424b cscope: fix .out file name
     77ddb27 Fix a few plurals in English
     9e8c9c2 Update minimum kernel size information
     6f1b6a0 Kernel frameworks: update detail
     e18695a Kernel frameworks: fix typos
     eee040f Input slides: grammar fix
     156a4e3 Pin muxing lab: add details about the datasheet
     9e9deb6 Minor slide fixes and improvements
     4faaa1b Minor plural fixes
     bc3cfd9 Input slides: minor fix / clarification
     cbdb70b Remove improper usage of "those"
     6db005d Interrupt slides: remove unneeded itemize level
     2fa548d Kmemcheck: update status to 3.17
     66daf72 Update SLUB/SLOB usage on arm
     1b6592a MMIO and PIO: remove ioport_map and friends
     b295047 Kernel labs: fix minor typo
     ac44ac8 Kernel input lab: simplify instructions
     ef94b13 Minor Beamer style improvement
     3be0a2f Update ELC information
     3d5f82d Remove reference to StEtienne as we have no engineer anymore here
     a0f3a1c Replace "setup" by "set up" in some cases
     eb36b5f Support for training information
     b48d254 Minor lab improvement
     712deba Minor setup lab fix
     e093580 Yocto agenda: ask for Ubuntu 14.04
     1ddfbb8 Fix tftp server name issues
     465ba09 Full yocto course
     aa11380 Add yocto to session list
     821b37f Add bootloader binaries for the Android course
     30e69a5 sysdev-toolchain: update amount of disk space saved
     2f3737b sysdev-u-boot: indicate with Eth port to use on the Xplained board
     f0e4959 sysdev-thirdparty: fix typo to -> two
     ffd9f08 sysdev-application-debugging: use the correct sysroot
     d97b015 Fix typos
     fde3297 Yocto agenda: fix disk space requirements
     4eff6d7 yocto: labs: remove useless TBD
     27e6647 yocto: labs: fix typo
     0e6d4b5 sysdev-linux-intro-lab-cross-compilation: fix up the steps of the labs
     a60b850 sysdev-toolchain: use git:// instead of http:// for Crosstool-NG
     c9396de Trainer description for Gregory
     76210c3 sysdev-u-boot: explain how to apply a patch
     b94cc07 sysdev-toolchain: Buildroot no longer has a Crosstool-NG back since a looooong time
     bd5c7d6 Fix typo in agenda
     768bebd sysdev-block-filesystems: minor clarifications
     cbc9aa3 Embedded Linux slides: link to Yocto / OE course
     9777372 Yocto: fix first slides
     c6c746e Trainer slides for Antoine
     4242264 Add URLs to trainer information
     f265694 Trainer pictures: increase quality
     3d8aed4 labs/thirdparty: also enable CONFIG_SND
     7d89012 labs/thirdparty: minor formatting improvement
     793ba04 labs/buildroot: do not mention the toolchain/ dir in the output
     68b9482 labs/buildroot: add a hint about the JFFS2 image size and the MTD partition
     6be1783 labs/buildroot: name the NFS directory 'nfsroot' and not 'system'
     6eba8cd yocto: labs: add missing chapter in Makefile
     bdc3fa0 yocto: labs: use full paths
     ceacdbd yocto: labs: check Bash is the shell being used
     ce64f7c yocto: labs: explicitly set the machine to beaglebone
     24243a1 yocto: labs: fix sdcard path
     f878ecc yocto: labs: split write and debug section
     4c7b331 yocto: labs: rework a bit the extended recipe part
     3b5e408 yocto: labs: add instructions to connect the nunchuk
     a5c4b16 yocto: labs: be more specific about the machine lab
     a31dad0 yocto: labs: remove i2c-tools as it is not in Poky
     169bc08 yocto: slides: fix some typos
     5622163 yocto: labs: be more verbose for the sdk lab
     292ab3f yocto: labs: rework a bit the last lab
     032c347 Remove trainer pictures
     f1093a6 Android agenda: remove C programming prerequisite
     a8f5f1a Android agenda (French): remove C programming prerequisite
     c1572e8 Add trainer slide about Maxime Ripard
     200d0f7 yocto: slides: add missing lab reference
     549106d yocto: labs: explicitly remove linux-dummy after using it
     84328cc yocto: labs: fix nfs configuration
     3e19816 yocto: slides: be more verbose about bitbake -f option
     7814278 yocto: slides: explicitly specify that RDEPENDS is package specific
     98605cb yocto: slides: add a slide about the oe_runmake function
     bb533da yocto: slides: fix typo
     5f27e58 yocto: labs: explicitly tell not to use the yocto-bsp tool
     55f76f9 yocto: slides: add some slides on applying patches
     08fffc9 yocto: slides: add information about variable precedence
     0d34c38 yocto: slides: add some informations about distro layers
     7dd96f9 yocto: slides: The format of a recipe file name is <package-name>_<version>.bb
     1c2254f yocto: labs: first use the plugin and then add a recipe
     1edba22 Trainer slide for Boris Brezillon
     56ee4c7 kernel-module-simple: don't tell to use indent
     ecd27d6 Shopping list for embedded Linux course
     6515209 Toolchain lab fixes
     e3acd4e Fix slide compiling issue
     f35fc7a Embedded Linux labs: fix toolchain path
     519fff8 Toolchain lab: fix ct-ng disk usage
     4627402 Bootloader lab fixes and updates
     b42b758 Bootloader lab: minor font fix
     3af8ab0 Embedded Linux labs: use 3.17
     b59e5dc Embedded linux labs: fix toolchain path
     1ddd8d8 Bootloader lab: simplify
     d61b138 Embedded Linux kernel lab updates
     e411a37 Embedded Linux tinysystem lab update
     4ccfdaa Block filesystem lab improvements
     b4c7013 Flash fs lab improvements
     726d419 Fix minor typos
     6ed1119 Embedded Linux agendas: request Ubuntu 14.04
     1bcefb8 Details about how to run sam-ba
     86f2e51 Trainer slide for Michael Opdenacker
     f3cf8c9 Thirdparty lab improvements
     86bb532 Make a bunch of improvements to the Buildroot training agenda
     6f17217 Add a draft autotools agenda
     2c3f3df Fix missing word, noticed by Maxime
     7b5f278 buildroot: re-organize the days, add more topics
     2428e62 Minor autotools agenda improvements
     85cda01 Agenda spelling fixes
     0c4c0b3 autotools: add one more item
     8a4d80c "Thirdparty" lab fixes
     5e7f6a1 Fix improper used of kstruct for plaftorm_data field
     f230b76 Fix typo in kernel-sources-exploring lab
     a9c71fd Linaro toolchains no longer updated in Ubuntu
     dc24e09 Minor clarification in U-Boot lab
     4263f15 Embedded Linux agenda: fix minor typos
     a4e3bd3 Embedded Linux intro: fix minor typo
     2f0a0b0 Embedded Linux intro: community boards are no longer a new trend
     bd69508 U-boot lab: add details about physical addresses
     75360f7 Buildroot lab updates
     9a008a4 Minor "appdev" lab improvements
     cf22be5 Embedded Linux debugging lab update
     265f9f1 Tinysystem lab: warn about NFS client update delay
     1cb113f Tinysystem lab: clarification about the "not found" error
     fc89ed6 Explain better what raw flash storage is
     54cdbbb Most filesystem improvements and updates
     8fa84fe Thirdparty lab: warn about the noise in speaker-test
     fd54178 Thirdparty lab: remove idle line
     d4c7e09 Realtime lab update
     c86b491 Update preempt-rt status
     b04ce4a yocto: slides: fix sourceforge mirror url
     6789348 yocto: slides: move the dependencies part in the basic recipe chapter
     28a8931 yocto: labs: explicitly ask to use the new defconfig
     f3af6bd yocto: labs: add the device tree into the machine configuration
     21dd4ae yocto: labs: explicitly ask to have a look and use the generated images
     15a28cd yocto: labs: dev-pkgs is a feature
     afbde00 yocto: labs: move the network configuration part
     a998487 kernel: correct syntax highlighting
     ee9f2fd Update VirtualBox infos
     5e0eeb8 Fix removal of session specific slides
     96d73f3 Remove Real-time Linux Foundation
     6325ba7 Update Xenomai benchmarks
     7ec15e0 Merge branch 'master' into marvell-armada
     31db29f Update Marvell specific slides

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