[FE training-materials-updates] autotools-buildroot's head updated: Add symlink for the lab-data (8724f80)

Thomas Petazzoni thomas.petazzoni at free-electrons.com
Mon Jun 15 10:47:43 CEST 2015

Repository : git://git.free-electrons.com/training-materials.git

Branch 'autotools-buildroot' now includes:

     0179af6 Fix typo in sysdev-block-filesystems
     74ba765 Flash filesystems slides rework
     0924675 Flash filesystems labs rework
     7c99926 Update course list
     eb0e5f1 slides/buildroot: fix lab description
     aa3242b New French agenda for Buildroot
     9c446a2 labs/autotools-usage: ethtool doesn't display build/system types
     810ab76 labs/autotools-usage: fix config.h related part
     cc667d8 slides/autotools-usage: fix typo
     cd3d064 labs/autotools-usage: fix typo
     70245f4 slides/autotools-advanced: description in AC_DEFINE is mandatory
     c316d5c slides/autotools-advanced: fix invalid characters
     f3683a0 slides/autotools-advanced: fix too large code by reducing font size
     dccb42c slides/buildroot-introduction: fix typo
     95e5575 slides/buildroot-introduction: fix typo
     f0cb80b slides/buildroot-rootfs: fix mistake on BINARIES_DIR
     889439b labs/buildroot-rootfs: fix path to lab data
     22ef18d slides/buildroot: fix typo on Raspberry
     8ccb051 slides/buildroot-new-packages: fix typo
     be6cc9a slides/buildroot-new-packages: fix typo
     b45e20e labs/buildroot-advanced-packages: improve github discussion
     5bebe8d slides/buildroot-advanced-packages: make things fit on the slide
     ea3716c Fix the flash filesystem slides
     be3c5bb Fix flash filesystem labs
     ac160b4 Update buildroot lab to generate a UBIFS image
     9f5a3f2 labs/buildroot-advanced: fix part about BR2_EXTERNAL
     f39dd53 labs/buildroot-appdev: clarify command to be executed
     a686dd6 labs/builroot-appdev: make things fit in the document
     d6adbbc labs/buildroot-appdev: add missing step in the debugging section
     fce73a7 Minor grammar fixes
     3be6dae Minor grammar fix
     6b0d2fe Few more fixes in the flash filesystems labs
     e6bcb03 sysdev: u-boot: move to u-boot 2015.04
     24207da alexandre-belloni: add maintainerships
     c06cfd0 Add Yocto Project book reference
     a707836 labs/buildroot-appdev: fix font size
     38e23a7 android-fastboot: fix typos
     0ee7381 android-adb-intro: fix typos
     0fa506e android-fs-contents: minor fixes
     42a4b05 buildroot: add patches to fix linux-update-config issue
     00287ab slides/buildroot-kernel: linux-update-defconfig only since Buildroot 2015.05
     433d3ce Create a fake autotoolsbuildroot training
     8724f80 Add symlink for the lab-data

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