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    slides/buildroot-whats-new: update to Buildroot 2016.05
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   \item Always mentions changes that could cause backward
     compatibility problems
   \item The following slides summarize the major new features added in
-    each release between 2013.08 and 2015.08.
+    each release between 2014.05 and 2016.05.
   \item All new Buildroot versions come with new packages, and many
     updates to the existing packages
@@ -17,97 +17,6 @@
-\begin{frame}{In 2013.08 (1)}
-  \begin{itemize}
-  \item {\bf Architectures:} improved support for floating point on
-    ARM and Thumb/Thumb2, support for ARM OABI removed
-  \item {\bf Toolchains:}
-    \begin{itemize}
-    \item support added for Sourcery CodeBench ARM and MIPS 2013.05
-    \item Linaro ARM and Aarch64 toolchains updated
-    \item support added for the Arago ARMv5 and ARMv7 toolchains
-    \item gcc 4.8.x version bumped
-    \item support for installing both FDPIC and FLAT libraries on
-      Blackfin
-    \item support for uClibc 0.9.31 removed
-    \item convert the internal toolchain backend to use the package
-      infrastructure
-    \item support added for eglibc in the internal toolchain backend
-    \item toolchain components for the ARC architecture updated and
-      gdb for ARC added.
-    \item support for Blackfin in the internal toolchain fixed
-    \end{itemize}
-  \end{itemize}
-\begin{frame}{In 2013.08 (2)}
-  \begin{itemize}
-  \item {\bf Defconfigs:} BeagleBone defconfig updated, new defconfig
-    for CubieBoard, for Olimex mx233 Olinuxino, for Calao Systems
-    TNY-A9G20-LPW
-  \item {\bf Packages:}
-    \begin{itemize}
-    \item A number of packages have been fixed to use the
-      \code{<pkg>_CONFIG_SCRIPTS} mechanism to get their
-      \code{<pkg>-config} shell script installed and modified
-      properly.
-    \item Licensing information has been added to a number of
-      packages.
-    \item Use XZ tarballs for a number of packages
-    \end{itemize}
-  \item {\bf Noticeable package changes/additions}
-    \begin{itemize}
-    \item The glib2/libgtk2/webkit stack has been updated to recent versions.
-    \item Support for Gstreamer 1.x has been added.
-    \item OpenGL support for TI OMAP platforms has been added.
-    \item OpenGL support for Allwinner platforms has been added.
-    \item OpenMAX support for RaspberryPi has been added.
-    \end{itemize}
-  \item Top level menu names reordered and renamed for clarity
-  \end{itemize}
-\begin{frame}{In 2013.11}
-  \begin{itemize}
-  \item {\bf Architectures:} Nios-II support, MIPS arch handling fixes
-  \item {\bf Toolchains:}
-    \begin{itemize}
-    \item glibc support
-    \item upstream uClibc fixes
-    \item uClibc 0.9.31 for avr32
-    \item internal crosstool-ng backend removed
-    \item external musl toolchain support
-    \item gcc 4.8.2
-    \item updated Linaro external toolchains
-    \item Fortran and objective-C support deprecated
-    \item mudflap support
-    \end{itemize}
-  \item {\bf Bootloaders:} U-Boot: u-boot.imx support, version bumps
-  \item {\bf Linux:} use kmod instead of module-init-tools
-  \item {\bf System:} default to devtmpfs for /dev
-  \item {\bf Infrastructure:} Infrastructure: Make 3.82 fixes, locales
-    generation fixes, CVS download support, post-rsync hooks
-  \end{itemize}
-\begin{frame}{In 2014.02}
-  \begin{itemize}
-  \item Support for external packages/defconfigs: \code{BR2_EXTERNAL}
-  \item Cleanup of environment variable names for consistency
-  \item {\bf Toolchain}: new Linaro and Sourcery Codebench
-    toolchains. x86: Support for AMD Jaguar cores, SSE4.x, SH:
-    SH2/SH3/SH3EB variants removed, Microblaze: Internal toolchain
-    support
-  \item {\bf Legal infrastructure:} Info is now split between host and
-    target packages, large number of license annotations.
-  \item {\bf Lua}: selection between lua 5.1 / 5.2, luarocks support
-  \item {\bf Python:} package infrastructure, many new packages
-  \item {\bf Defconfigs:} Armadeus APF51 and Zedboard added, apf27,
-    apf28, beaglebone, microblaze, pandaboard, qemu, raspberry pi
-    updated.
-  \end{itemize}
 \begin{frame}{In 2014.05 (1)}
   \item {\bf Architectures:}
@@ -342,3 +251,55 @@
   \item {\bf Filesystems:} Complete rework of the ISO9660 support.
+\begin{frame}{In 2015.11}
+  \begin{itemize}
+  \item {\bf Architectures:} sparc64, mips32r6, mips64r6, Intel Quark
+    X1000 support added
+  \item {\bf Toolchains:} toolchain wrapper now also used for internal
+    toolchains, in addition to external toolchains, which fixes {\em
+      ccache} support. Updated external toolchains and toolchain
+    components.
+  \item {\bf Defconfigs:} ARC HS38 VDK virtual boards, Avnet Microzed,
+    Boundary Devices Nitrogen SoloX, Freescale i.MX6 SoloX Sabre SD,
+    OLinuxino A20 Lime2, Qemu Sparc64, Qemu SuperH 4 big endian,
+    Synopsys AArch64 VDK virtual platform
+  \item {\bf Infrastructure:}
+    \begin{itemize}
+    \item Addition of \code{graph-size}
+    \item Addition of \code{<pkg>_EXCLUDES} to prevent specific parts
+      of a package from being extracted
+    \item Addition of \code{<pkg>_PKGDIR}, which points to
+      \code{package/<pkg>/}
+    \end{itemize}
+  \item {\bf Skeleton:} support a merged \code{usr/} configuration,
+    enforced for {\em systemd}, optional otherwise
+  \end{itemize}
+\begin{frame}{In 2016.02}
+  \begin{itemize}
+  \item {\bf Toolchain:} gcc 5.3 support added, dropped support for
+    uClibc as uClibc-ng is now used. Updated external toolchains.
+  \item {\bf Defconfigs:} ARM Juno r0/r1 development boards, Freescale
+    i.MX6UL Evaluation Kit, Intel Galileo Gen 2, Orange Pi PC
+  \item {\bf Images:} more widespread use of \code{genimage} to
+    generate complete SD card images
+  \item {\bf Infrastructure:} {\em makedevs} now accepts textual
+    (non-numerical) user and group names
+  \end{itemize}
+\begin{frame}{In 2016.05}
+  \begin{itemize}
+  \item {\bf Architectures:} support for ARM Cortex-M3/M4 added with
+    improved ARM noMMU support, m68k re-enabled with Coldfire support.
+  \item {\bf Toolchains:} gcc 6 support added. External toolchains and
+    toolchain componenents updated.
+  \item {\bf Languages:} support for the Go language has been added.
+  \item {\bf Defconfigs:} Firefly RK3288, Boundary Devices i.MX7
+    Nitrogen7, STM32F429 and STM32F469 Discovery boards, Hardkernel
+    ODROID-C2, Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi 3. Some Qemu
+    defconfigs were added for m68k, eXtensa-nommu and ColdFire.
+  \end{itemize}
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