[FE training-materials-updates] master's head updated: Merge branch 'krogoth' (3f786ab)

Antoine Ténart antoine.tenart at free-electrons.com
Mon Sep 12 09:33:21 CEST 2016

Repository : git://git.free-electrons.com/training-materials.git
Branch 'master' now includes:

     c2a47fb labs: yocto-lab1: update to use krogoth branch
     636eef3 labs: yocto-lab2: Update it to krogoth
     283a6ac labs: yocto-lab3: Fix ninvaders error
     9127b77 labs: yocto-lab4: small fixes
     178c378 labs: yocto-lab8: rename SDK script
     5d07742 yocto: labs: Update Eclipse SDK
     bd39585 Kernel slides: replace deleted function
     611d0b3 Kernel debugging: remove broken link
     8b9d383 yocto: lab-data: fix sdcard format script
     b339d35 yocto: slides: add another example for the licenses chksum
     7331e15 yocto: slides: fix ConnMan example rendering
     797aa8c yocto: labs: remove the advanced metadata going further
     fcc034a labs/buildroot-basic: remove which package
     3127022 slides/buildroot: update package count
     cf55942 sysdev-linux-intro-sources: update with 4.6 data
     7f7714e c-libraries: update size data
     9f2094b yocto: labs: change the U-Boot configuration
     d2b1010 yocto: slides: move the network usage part
     8596211 yocto: slides: move the image fstype part
     0a85b6e yocto: slides: update the packagegroup list
     5356111 yocto: slides: change the packagegroup example
     3fada9b yocto: slides: remove 2 packagegroups from the list
     02e9bd4 Android labs: repo now complains when replacing existing code
     66e01a3 Android labs: update BBB kernel location
     53adb0a Android Labs: update package list for unbutu 14.04
     a872e35 yocto: slides: Update slides for krogoth branch
     8a7f74a yocto: slides: Remove "meta-hob" to diagrams
     a2e8f1d yocto: labs: Set to linux-ti-staging + note about providers
     7b29ce9 yocto: data: remove now useless patch
     c06c164 yocto: labs: update the packages to install
     10a0c6e yocto: slides: cosmetic fix
     0e26c7c yocto: labs/data: use git for Poky and apply a patch for the lab to work
     c0f49ba yocto: slides: add BB_NUMBER_THREADS back
     dbc5a7a yocto: slides: fix the package features example
     a4fb888 yocto: slides: enhance the distro slides
     d24fe04 yocto: labs: fix the image format
     5adba49 yocto: labs: update U-Boot key press prompt
     0f3466c yocto: labs: remove useless part from lab #2
     2010a78 yocto: slides: add a part about Python tasks
     8ecd1fb yocto: slides: add a part about variable flags
     fa6a8eb yocto: slides: add a part about file inclusions
     29e31ef yocto: slides: mention the _remove method
     ef08e0c yocto: slides/labs: remove Eclipse
     22e7bf0 yocto: slides: add parts on devtool and quilt
     4cd9901 yocto: slides: fix outline
     a31b37d yocto: agenda: remove Eclipse
     218eec7 yocto: labs: fix typo
     2f9293f yocto: labs: fix the kernel extended recipe
     3f786ab Merge branch 'krogoth'

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