[FE training-materials-updates] kernel contribution: remove unnecessary checkpatch and indent

Michael Opdenacker michael.opdenacker at free-electrons.com
Fri Nov 25 15:37:35 CET 2016

Repository : git://git.free-electrons.com/training-materials.git
On branch  : master
Link       : http://git.free-electrons.com/training-materials/commit/?id=67721df563a057c51a45096bdf89ce6f99ae6946


commit 67721df563a057c51a45096bdf89ce6f99ae6946
Author: Michael Opdenacker <michael.opdenacker at free-electrons.com>
Date:   Fri Nov 25 15:37:35 2016 +0100

    kernel contribution: remove unnecessary checkpatch and indent
    - We are going to run checkpatch.pl later anyway
    - Identing violations are best reported by checkpatch.pl!
    Signed-off-by: Michael Opdenacker <michael.opdenacker at free-electrons.com>


 slides/kernel-contribution/kernel-contribution.tex | 8 --------
 1 file changed, 8 deletions(-)

diff --git a/slides/kernel-contribution/kernel-contribution.tex b/slides/kernel-contribution/kernel-contribution.tex
index 542118f..329810b 100644
--- a/slides/kernel-contribution/kernel-contribution.tex
+++ b/slides/kernel-contribution/kernel-contribution.tex
@@ -110,14 +110,6 @@
   \item In your new branch, implement your changes.
   \item Test your changes (must at least compile them).
   \item Run \code{git add} to add any new files to the index.
-  \item Check that each file you modified is ready for submission:
-    \begin{itemize}
-    \item \code{scripts/checkpatch.pl --strict --file <file>}
-    \end{itemize}
-  \item If needed, fix indenting rule violations:
-    \begin{itemize}
-    \item \code{indent -linux <file>}
-    \end{itemize}

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