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    slides/buildroot-whats-new: update to Buildroot 2019.02
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 slides/buildroot-whats-new/buildroot-whats-new.tex | 186 ++++++++-------------
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diff --git a/slides/buildroot-whats-new/buildroot-whats-new.tex b/slides/buildroot-whats-new/buildroot-whats-new.tex
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@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
   \item Always mentions changes that could cause backward
     compatibility problems
   \item The following slides summarize the major new features added in
-    each release between 2015.08 and 2017.08.
+    each release between 2017.02 and 2019.02.
   \item All new Buildroot versions come with new packages, and many
     updates to the existing packages
@@ -17,125 +17,6 @@
-\begin{frame}{In 2015.08}
-  \begin{itemize}
-  \item {\bf Architectures:} Minimal support for ARM Cortex-M3 and
-    AArch64 big-endian.
-  \item {\bf Toolchains:} Use {\em uClibc-ng} by default, add gcc 5.x
-    support, update toolchain components
-  \item {\bf Defconfigs:} VIA VAB-820/AMOS-820, OLimex OLinuxino A20
-    Lime, many Microchip evaluation boards, ACME Systems Aria G25,
-    WarPboard, Altera Cyclone 5 Development Board, Xilinx zc706, ARC
-    AXS101 and AXS103
-  \item {\bf Infrastructure:}
-    \begin{itemize}
-    \item Predictable permissions in the generated rootfs
-    \item Support for {\em kconfig fragments}
-    \item New \code{kernel-module} infrastructure
-    \item Rework of the skeleton and init scripts packaging
-    \item New \code{linux-tools} infrastructure in the \code{linux}
-      package
-    \item GCC version dependency mechanism
-    \end{itemize}
-  \item {\bf Filesystems:} Complete rework of the ISO9660 support.
-  \end{itemize}
-\begin{frame}{In 2015.11}
-  \begin{itemize}
-  \item {\bf Architectures:} sparc64, mips32r6, mips64r6, Intel Quark
-    X1000 support added
-  \item {\bf Toolchains:} toolchain wrapper now also used for internal
-    toolchains, in addition to external toolchains, which fixes {\em
-      ccache} support. Updated external toolchains and toolchain
-    components.
-  \item {\bf Defconfigs:} ARC HS38 VDK virtual boards, Avnet Microzed,
-    Boundary Devices Nitrogen SoloX, Freescale i.MX6 SoloX Sabre SD,
-    OLinuxino A20 Lime2, Qemu Sparc64, Qemu SuperH 4 big endian,
-    Synopsys AArch64 VDK virtual platform
-  \item {\bf Infrastructure:}
-    \begin{itemize}
-    \item Addition of \code{graph-size}
-    \item Addition of \code{<pkg>_EXCLUDES} to prevent specific parts
-      of a package from being extracted
-    \item Addition of \code{<pkg>_PKGDIR}, which points to
-      \code{package/<pkg>/}
-    \end{itemize}
-  \item {\bf Skeleton:} support a merged \code{usr/} configuration,
-    enforced for {\em systemd}, optional otherwise
-  \end{itemize}
-\begin{frame}{In 2016.02}
-  \begin{itemize}
-  \item {\bf Toolchain:} gcc 5.3 support added, dropped support for
-    uClibc as uClibc-ng is now used. Updated external toolchains.
-  \item {\bf Defconfigs:} ARM Juno r0/r1 development boards, Freescale
-    i.MX6UL Evaluation Kit, Intel Galileo Gen 2, Orange Pi PC
-  \item {\bf Images:} more widespread use of \code{genimage} to
-    generate complete SD card images
-  \item {\bf Infrastructure:} {\em makedevs} now accepts textual
-    (non-numerical) user and group names
-  \end{itemize}
-\begin{frame}{In 2016.05}
-  \begin{itemize}
-  \item {\bf Architectures:} support for ARM Cortex-M3/M4 added with
-    improved ARM noMMU support, m68k re-enabled with Coldfire support.
-  \item {\bf Toolchains:} gcc 6 support added. External toolchains and
-    toolchain componenents updated.
-  \item {\bf Languages:} support for the Go language has been added.
-  \item {\bf Defconfigs:} Firefly RK3288, Boundary Devices i.MX7
-    Nitrogen7, STM32F429 and STM32F469 Discovery boards, Hardkernel
-    ODROID-C2, Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi 3. Some Qemu
-    defconfigs were added for m68k, eXtensa-nommu and ColdFire.
-  \end{itemize}
-  \begin{itemize}
-  \item {\bf Toolchains}: Fortran support, {\em eglibc} removed,
-    Blackfin and Microblaze support in the internal toolchain backend.
-  \item {\bf Infrastrcture}:
-    \begin{itemize}
-    \item Addition of \code{BR2_REPRODUCIBLE} which makes the build more
-      reproducible. This is still work in progress.
-    \item Support for Git sub-module fetching
-    \item Script running inside the {\em fakeroot} environment
-    \end{itemize}
-  \item {\bf Defconfigs}: Arcturus uCP1020, Blackfin GDB simulator,
-    Linksprite pcDuino, Minnow Board Max graphical demo, NXP i.MX25
-    PDK, i.MX51 EVK, i.MX6UL Pico, i.MX7 sabresd, QEMU MIPS32r6{,el}
-    and MIPS64r6{,el} malta, Roseapple Pi, Samsung Snow chromebook,
-    Toradex Apalis i.MX6 COM, TS-4800, x86-64 PC BIOS and EFI demos
-  \item {\bf New packages}: Docker, Alljoyn, TI GPU support, SDL2,
-    many Python packages, Xen, etc.
-  \end{itemize}
-  \begin{itemize}
-  \item {\bf Infrastructure}:
-    \begin{itemize}
-    \item multiple \code{BR2_EXTERNAL} trees are supported
-    \item \code{<pkg>_DL_OPTS}
-    \item \code{<pkg>-show-rdepends}, to list reverse dependencies
-    \item \code{<pkg>-graph-rdepends}, to graph reverse dependencies
-    \item \code{linux-tools} package to build Linux kernel tools
-    \end{itemize}
-  \item {\bf Architecture}: improved MIPS core selection, SH64 support
-    removed
-  \item {\bf Toolchain}: support for Musl on PowerPC64LE, improved
-    MIPS64/MIPS64r6 toolchains. GCC now always built with TLS support.
-  \item {\bf Defconfigs}: WaRP7, Solidrun's MX6 Cubox/Hummingboard,
-    TS-4900, Grinn's liteBoard, Udoo MX6Q/DL, Qemu ARM noMMU,
-    BeagleBone Qt5 demo, Digilent Zybo, FriendlyARM Nanopi NEO.
-  \item {\bf New packages}: ARM Trusted Firmware, AMD GPU drivers,
-    XVisor, RabbitMQ, Python packages, etc.
-  \end{itemize}
   \item This is the first {\bf Long Term Support} release, supported
@@ -201,3 +82,68 @@
     SELinux refpolicy, etc.
+  \begin{itemize}
+  \item {\bf Toolchain}: glibc updated to 2.26
+  \item \code{openssl} is now a virtual package to use either openssl
+    or libressl
+  \item {\bf New packages}: Asterisk, plenty of Lua and Python
+    modules, Qt5Wayland and Qt5WebEngine
+  \item {\bf New defconfigs}: Atmel SAMA5D4, BananaPI boards, i.MX6
+    boards, etc.
+  \end{itemize}
+  \begin{itemize}
+  \item {\bf Toolchain}: binutils 2.30 added, binutils 2.29 is the default
+  \item Support for hardening options: {\em relro} and {\em fortify}
+  \item {\bf Infrastructure}: \code{make source-check} removed, check
+    added for same file installed by different packages
+  \item Support for the Meson build system, for the Rust programming
+    language
+  \end{itemize}
+  \begin{itemize}
+  \item {\bf Toolchain}: glibc 2.27, musl 1.1.19, uClibc-ng 1.0.30
+  \item {\bf Architecture}: Blackfin support removed
+  \item {\bf Infrastructure}: Git download caching support, parallel
+    creation of root filesystem images, \code{golang-package}
+    infrastructure, proper extract dependencies
+  \item New \code{<pkg>-show-recursive-depends} and
+    \code{<pkg>-show-recursive-rdepends} targets
+  \end{itemize}
+  \begin{itemize}
+  \item {\bf Toolchain}: gcc 8.x support, gcc 7.x is the default, gdb
+    8.1 added, binutils 2.31 added
+  \item {\bf Architecture}: support for ARM Cortex-M7
+  \item {\bf Packages}: many significant package updates (systemd,
+    Qt5, rust, X.org, Gstreamer, etc.)
+  \item {\bf Infrastructure}: \code{meson-package} infrastructure
+    added
+  \end{itemize}
+  \begin{itemize}
+  \item {\bf Architecture}: support for RISC-V 64-bit added
+  \item {\bf Toolchain}: glibc 2.28
+  \item {\bf Filesystems}: btrfs and f2fs support
+  \item OpenCL virtual package added
+  \item Tons of new Perl and Python packages
+  \end{itemize}
+  \begin{itemize}
+  \item {\bf Architecture}: support for RISC-V 32-bit added, several
+    new ARM and MIPS variants
+  \item {\bf Toolchain}: musl 1.1.21, gdb 8.2.1
+  \end{itemize}

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