[bootlin/training-materials updates] master: Realtime lab: remove instructions related to CodeSourcery Codebench (7d8e5cd6)

Michael Opdenacker michael.opdenacker at bootlin.com
Tue Jan 19 12:19:43 CET 2021

Repository : https://github.com/bootlin/training-materials
On branch  : master
Link       : https://github.com/bootlin/training-materials/commit/7d8e5cd69c00d4d3cd0a1e97b6dcb9af89580ab4


commit 7d8e5cd69c00d4d3cd0a1e97b6dcb9af89580ab4
Author: Michael Opdenacker <michael.opdenacker at bootlin.com>
Date:   Tue Jan 19 12:13:39 2021 +0100

    Realtime lab: remove instructions related to CodeSourcery Codebench
    Signed-off-by: Michael Opdenacker <michael.opdenacker at bootlin.com>


 labs/sysdev-real-time/sysdev-real-time.tex | 8 --------
 1 file changed, 8 deletions(-)

diff --git a/labs/sysdev-real-time/sysdev-real-time.tex b/labs/sysdev-real-time/sysdev-real-time.tex
index a0b9445b..6d7ccbcd 100644
--- a/labs/sysdev-real-time/sysdev-real-time.tex
+++ b/labs/sysdev-real-time/sysdev-real-time.tex
@@ -77,14 +77,6 @@ menuconfig} to find parameters by their name:
 Now, build your root filesystem.
-As you are using a 64 bit distribution, Buildroot should also ask
-you to install 32 bit compatibility packages to be able to execute the
-Sourcery CodeBench external toolchain:
-sudo apt install libc6-i386 lib32stdc++6 lib32z1
 At the end of the build job, extract the
 \code{output/images/rootfs.tar} archive in the \code{nfsroot}

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