[bootlin/training-materials updates] master: Boot-time labs: update bootloader version (864d17ce)

Michael Opdenacker michael.opdenacker at bootlin.com
Fri Mar 5 16:18:19 CET 2021

Repository : https://github.com/bootlin/training-materials
On branch  : master
Link       : https://github.com/bootlin/training-materials/commit/864d17ce4879309c3a6b2da7c230fe12db30f444


commit 864d17ce4879309c3a6b2da7c230fe12db30f444
Author: Michael Opdenacker <michael.opdenacker at bootlin.com>
Date:   Fri Mar 5 16:18:19 2021 +0100

    Boot-time labs: update bootloader version
    Signed-off-by: Michael Opdenacker <michael.opdenacker at bootlin.com>


 .../boot-time-build-bootloader.tex                   | 20 +++++++++-----------
 1 file changed, 9 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)

diff --git a/labs/boot-time-build-bootloader/boot-time-build-bootloader.tex b/labs/boot-time-build-bootloader/boot-time-build-bootloader.tex
index efa431fb..82b85485 100644
--- a/labs/boot-time-build-bootloader/boot-time-build-bootloader.tex
+++ b/labs/boot-time-build-bootloader/boot-time-build-bootloader.tex
@@ -8,9 +8,9 @@ platform and run it from a micro SD card provided by your instructor.
 Go to the \code{~/boot-time-labs/bootloader/u-boot/} directory.
-Let's use the 2019.01 version:
+Let's use the 2021.01 version:
-git checkout v2019.01
+git checkout v2021.01
 \section{Compiling environment}
@@ -42,12 +42,15 @@ export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-buildroot-linux-uclibcgnueabihf-
 \section{Configuring U-Boot}
-Let's use a ready-made U-Boot configuration for the Beaglebone Black
-board (you can find such configuration files in the \code{configs/}
+Let's use a ready-made U-Boot configuration for our hardware.
+The \projdir{u-boot}{configs} directory normally contains one or several
+configuration file(s) for each supported board. However, in our case,
+we are going to use a more generic configuration file that supports all
+Beaglebone Black variants and, according to the name, the AM335x EVM board too:
-make am335x_boneblack_defconfig
+make am335x_evm_defconfig
 \section{Compiling U-Boot}
@@ -67,11 +70,6 @@ This runs 8 compiler jobs in parallel (for example if you have 4 CPU
 cores on your workstation... using more jobs than cores guarantees that
 the CPUs and I/Os are always fully loaded, for optimum performance.
-You can safely ignore the warnings that you get at the end of the build
-job. They are meant to draw the attention to OMAP sub-maintainers in
-U-Boot, to remind them that they should update their code that is
-using deprecated code infrastructure.
 At the end, you have \code{MLO} and \code{u-boot.img} files that we will
 put on a micro SD card for booting.

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