[bootlin/training-materials updates] master: slides/last-slides/last-slides.tex: revert change related to session_url (849361c3)

Michael Opdenacker michael.opdenacker at bootlin.com
Tue Oct 4 19:38:53 CEST 2022

Repository : https://github.com/bootlin/training-materials
On branch  : master
Link       : https://github.com/bootlin/training-materials/commit/849361c32cf29b493616e40336ec50b69893dc5c


commit 849361c32cf29b493616e40336ec50b69893dc5c
Author: Michael Opdenacker <michael.opdenacker at bootlin.com>
Date:   Tue Oct 4 19:38:53 2022 +0200

    slides/last-slides/last-slides.tex: revert change related to session_url
    Didn't find how to use \session_url with \url{} without
    adding spurious {} in the output URL
    Signed-off-by: Michael Opdenacker <michael.opdenacker at bootlin.com>


 slides/last-slides/last-slides.tex | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/slides/last-slides/last-slides.tex b/slides/last-slides/last-slides.tex
index 4ca5e672..7aa760c3 100644
--- a/slides/last-slides/last-slides.tex
+++ b/slides/last-slides/last-slides.tex
@@ -10,13 +10,13 @@
   \item Rate this training session and provide your feedback:
-    {\small \url{\sessionurl{}survey.html}}
+    {\small \url{\sessionurl/survey.html}}
   \item Fill in the final quiz to assess your level of knowledge on
     the topics covered in this course. At least 50\% of correct
     answers are needed to get the training certificate:
-    {\small \url{\sessionurl{}quiz-after.html}}
+    {\small \url{\sessionurl/quiz-after.html}}
     The training certificate is sent within two weeks after completing
     the quiz.

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