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   An alternative approach is to use specific hardware to run real-time
   work on:
-  \item Dedicating a CPU core to a real-time OS or to a real-time
-        application, using some kind of hypervizor.
+  \item Dedicating a CPU core to running a separate real-time OS or
+    bare-metal real-time application, without Linux control.
   \item Running real-time work on an FPGA
-  \item Running real-time work on a dedicated microcontroller.
-        For example, the TI AM335x CPU (used in the Beaglebone Black)
-        has a "Programmable Real-Time Unit and Industrial
-        Communication Subsystem (PRU-ICSS)", which can be used for
-        real-time processing.
+  \item Running real-time work on a dedicated microcontroller
+    \begin{itemize}
+    \item Can be a separate micro-controller
+    \item Can be a micro-controller embedded in the main
+      system-on-chip: PRU (Programmable Real-Time Unit) on TI AM335x,
+      Cortex-M4 co-processors on NXP i.MX or STM32MP1 processors,
+      etc.
+    \end{itemize}
+  This section will not cover such approaches: we will limit ourselves
+  to approaches where Linux is in full control of the system,
+  including all the real-time processing.
 \subsection[PREEMPT\_RT Patches]{Improving the mainline Linux kernel with

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